Sunshine - The creation of sun [My vision, lyhyt tarina]

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Kirjoitin tuossa hetki sitten samalla kun kuuntelin Edward Scissorhandsin [] themeä tälläisen tarinan. Elikkäs tarina on oma visioni auringon synnystä ja kirjoitin sen alunperin tänne [], joten kopioin sen tännekkin suoraan englannin kielisenä. Tiedän että englannin kieleen liittyviä virheitä löytyy, mutta haluaisin kritiikkiä kuitenkin kuulla. :)

Once upon a time there was a man, named Ed. Ed lived in a hill. A hill so high that it’d break the clouds. His house was built of ice, it was shaped like a sharp end of blade. Ed had been lonely for his whole 20 years of life. Ed was the only one ever able to live so high on the hill. Any other man or woman who’d try living there would freeze to death. The hill was surrounded by an island and the island was surrounded by an ocean. There was a village long gone on the island. There was nothing but darkness on the island. Nobody ever knew what was on the hill, except that Ed lived there. I was, well every night I’d sit by the window and look up to the hill hoping Ed would bring us the sun back. There were rumors, that Ed would have broken his heart and therefore this island would never see another sunshine.

As a young boy I never stopped hoping to be able to walk up to the hill and see what’s so magical about it. My mother always told me to stay as far away from the hill as possible. I and my mother, Alice were the last ones left living on the island. My father, Johnny died along with every other one in the village after the sun stopped shining in our village. Me and my mother, we’d eat fishes that I catched from the ocean and drink the water. That’s how we lived, except for my birthdays when my mother brought me one chocolate bar. She kept the chocolate bars somewhere locked behind the doors, so that she could give me one every birthday. My mother really loved me, she loved me more than anyone could possibly imagine. Every day she’d check I’m fine, every day she’d give up anything she was doing just to spent time with me.

One day I couldn’t resist my curiosity anymore and decided to go and catch as many fishes as possible and bring them to my mother. After I brought them to my mother, I went to sleep. At night after my mother left the room, I sneaked downstairs. I dressed up and took some food on my backpack. Here I was, walking to the hill. I left a note to my mother, saying how sorry I am and everything. I was hoping she’d understand my choise.

The road to the hill was long, but when I finally reached it, I was confused. Why am I not dead. I however decided to ignore that question and walk to the house made of ice, as sharp as the end of a blade. In the middle of the house there was a body. A male. As soon as I reached the body, something magical happened. I started feeling like I’m going to die and then this strong wind came and threw me into a place so dark and full of melancholy. In the middle of that place there was a hole, as I couldn’t resist my curiosity I jumped to the hole and boom. Everything disappeared.

I woke up. I wasn’t a 5 years old boy anymore, I had no idea where I was. The sun was shining and the darkness was gone. A girl took my hand, her eyes were filled full of happiness and, and... love. I asked myself, who is this woman, then I noticed, it’s my mother. Now I understood everything. It was me. The one who lived high up in the hill. I died to be able to feel the love of a mother, love of another human being. That’s why I didn’t die, when I came up to the hill. I am alive and this is the reason why the sun shines again. The village has their sun shining and I promise it will shine for the rest of their lifetime. Every human being who once died were now brought back alive.

Your sunshine will never end,
For I will be your light.